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May. 13th, 2010 05:37 pm
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I am Leto, and I am both God and Tyrant in one. Leave your messages here, and if I so choose, I may reply.

OOC: Leto's an arrogant pain, but if you want to talk to him in RP or request ficlets, please feel free to do so.

Leto is the property of the Herbert Estate and all licensees, not me. Only seeking entertainment, not profit from this.
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He dreams. There, locked in the undying sleep of Shai-Halud, Leto dreams of lives past and future.

One day, he will be reduced to only a few fragments of himself, the pearls brought down into a controllable number.

One day, he will be remade.

Once, he was whole.

Once, he had the anchor of a twin, the perfect mirror and grasp on humanity.

Once, she was all he needed.

They will forget her. They will bring him back, and he will not be whole.

His future will break once more, a myriad of pearls of wisdom hidden in the new Shai-Halud.


Apr. 10th, 2010 08:44 pm
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Sometimes, he turned into Other Memory, despite the risk it meant. There, he could smell the warm sun on fragrant blooms, the scent of open water, or the musk of richly teeming life.

Then he would let himself settle back within himself, child of the desert, heir to the legacy of Muad'Dib. The arid landscape breathed its hot air at him, reminding him of his heritage, foretelling his future.

A faint tinge of the spice touched his nose, and Leto frowned. As ever, when he turned his mind to the future, he felt the cloying reins of power in his hands, the whip of Fate applied to the destiny ahead of him.

These things were his alone, as he shielded them deep inside, so that Ghanima need not feel them as well. Her meditations deserved to be restful, for her part would be that of waiting, of deception. He glanced to where she rested in lotus form, and had to close his eyes.

Better he take the sacrifice, be the one Shai-Halud accepted, than for it be his beloved sister. She would outwit Alia, at least long enough, for it all to happen as it must for the Golden Path.
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"Cold. Callous. Unfeeling monster." The large creature that was part man, part sandworm, and all power moved back and forth around his audience. "From the time of my aunt's death, I've heard these things, and more, with vitriol and passion. They are all correct, and yet absolutely incorrect at once." His listener made a small noise of non-understanding in turn.

How, you ask... )
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Please tell me that you are not serious in your belief that I can feel this emotion? When the world is spanned out over millennia in your mind's eye, every major fork in the destiny ahead mapped out and controlled, it is rather a pointless exercise, don't you think?

I feel no hope for myself, nor for any who live within my tremendous life-span. We all have our parts to play in the greater canvas that opened itself to me in the moment of super-saturated spice nirvana. In that moment between life and death I saw the Golden Path in its entirety, not just the beginning steps.

In the seeing, there and then, I shall admit, I saw hope. Not for any of us, but for the inheritors of what I do. For in the Golden Path, the seeds of freedom are truly present, if one but waits long enough.
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There are times when I wish I had been able to 'Share' with my father before his final death. The Other Memory is set at conception. I know his mind and memories until my mother grew pregnant with us, but I do not have the memories of his trials in his exile to the deep desert.

I wonder, from time to time, if he saw another way during those wanderings, blind and alone save the occasional guide and Shai-halud. It is the only time I give over to questioning the Golden Path, these times when my mind stumbles upon the part of Father I cannot know.

Inevitably, I know he could not have found such. Had he, then he would not have allowed his own death as he did. He would have remained, to show me the path he had conceived.

No, the Golden Path is inviolate, and I must not dream of other ways. Though I am the most powerful being in human space, my hands are tied, and I am bound to the destiny I craft.

Fandom: Dune
Muse: Leto Atreides II
Word Count: 178
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Follow your heart and see where it might take you
Don't let the world outside there break you
They know not who you are inside
They have never felt your hell
Don't ever let them crack...
Your shell...
"Follow" – Brandi Carlisle

Leto settled his still growing bulk beside the bed of the only woman he had ever loved with all he possessed. His eyes flicked irritably over the Suk in the room, and they were left alone in the next moment.

"It is a peaceful death," Ghanima said softly. "Not like my Farad'n, intercepting the seeker with its poisons."

"Farad'n died more bravely than any of the Corrino ever had," Leto acknowledged. "Ghani, what am I to do?"

The old, quiet woman lying there in the bed managed a soft smile. "You will do as you always have. But Leto, you must promise me this." When she could feel his eyes were fully on her face, she spoke again. "Never be alone for long."

"You are my sole companion," he protested.

"I go to the desert for the last time, soon. And I have ordered one last gift for you. When the Tlielaxu bring the gift, keep it close, and precious, my brother, my emperor."

"None but you can ever know me."

"Perhaps. But perhaps not." She closed her unseeing eyes, hand moving toward his, and he took it, well aware that the tears he wished he could shed would only be absorbed.

It was a long hour before he withdrew and ordered his sister's water to be taken for one of the gardens that was protected within the palace.

Fandom: Dune
Muse: Leto Atreides II
Word Count: 229
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Muse Name: Leto Atreides II, God Emperor of Dune
Muse LJ: [livejournal.com profile] atreides_born
Fandom: Dune

10 Quick Facts )
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Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. -Ambrose Bierce

Never had a planet more fully lived up to the statement made by Ambrose Bierce than Ix. A marvelous world throughout its history, viewed with suspicion by those who adhered more faithfully to the Butlerian principles, and absolutely necessary to the Empire...no matter what Elrood had believed...but mired in the milieu of bureaucracy.

I've manipulated it for my own purposes, giving them outlets for specific machinery, making them build and concentrate more firmly in the designs I wish. I could not let them rise higher than they had, in the aftermath of House Vernius retaking the planet from the Tlielaxu. My prescience, like father's, had indicated they were a prime threat to humanity. Perhaps because they were one of the Synchronized worlds, or because they might rebuild pieces of the Machine Empire unwittingly, they had to be diverted.

I made sure their tendency to bureaucracy was well-entrenched, so that nothing could proceed to dangerous levels, as some committee or other would kill truly great research. This researcher, that developer will always shout out against the others around them from rising too high, all to follow the political form...and meet their own agenda.

Leto Atreides II
192 words
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"It is necessary."

"We must protect and enhance the stature of your father's legacy."

"The people need a firm hand."

"This change was foreseen and must be protected."

All the things that St. Alia of the Knife told Ghani and I, time and again, wishing us to aid her as she perverted the way of my father's path to her own needs were merely excuses. That, in truth, is the reason she...or rather the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, failed so mightily in the power grab. More than my own maneuvering, she defeated herself.

Never try to justify your actions within the scope of another's plan. Take action yourself, claim the responsibility, and make it truly your own path.

They may call me 'tyrant' but I never made meaningless excuses. The Golden Path does not allow it. No justification save the eventual survival of mankind is necessary.

Fandom: Dune
Muse: Leto II Atreides
Word Count: 145
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Write about a gift someone's given you.

The greatest gift my life has granted me was my apparent death.

What, you ask? How could that be a gift?

Simply put, when my beloved sister was able to convince her mind, to convince all the whispers of Other Memory, that I was dead, she set me free. Free to pursue the Golden Path, to find my destiny. She had to believe me dead, so that our dear aunt would believe it, so that the plotting could be flushed into the open...and so I could return as a myth more than a man.

Thank you, my dear Ghani, for that.

Fandom: Dune
Muse: Leto II
Word Count: 101
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Defeat the fear of death and welcome the death of fear. -G. Gordon Liddy

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

Tell me, was there ever fear within me? You, my ghola, my friend, was there ever fear in I, Leto, the pre-born Tyrant?

I see it in you to say 'no', as the expedient reply to your Duke, to your Emperor. I see you looking at what I made of myself, what I made of humanity, and you think 'no' again. My dear Duncan, the Litany is not a denial of fear. The Litany is rising above the fear that is in all mankind.

And I see in your heart, in the brief hesitation, the true answer your Mentat mind found was 'yes'. That I had known fear, and surmounted it.

What fear did I possess? That, Duncan, is something I shall not reveal. You may one day learn it...or one like you.

Fandom: Dune
Muse: Leto II
Word Count: 133
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Live forever or die in the attempt. -Joseph Heller

It was the day of a new Duncan ghola arriving. The moment of the cusp of all Leto had striven for was close at hand. His prescience had brought Rakis to ruin, stagnated the human empire, seen the end of the Sardaukar and the Fremen as a power to be feared, and left a nurturing army of Fish Speakers in its wake.

This Duncan will be the key, Leto knows. In this Duncan, in the one called Siona Atreides, the Golden Path will finally reach the point that needed to happen, the preparation for Humanity's final trials. That stage is still centuries forward of this point, but Leto knows it begins today. His father sees it as well, submerged with in Other Memory, and closes his eyes to what it will mean.

Death, for Leto, is no more than a step forward, a step into the oblivion of dreamless sleep, for Leto can never die.

Immortality, the God Emperor of Dune wryly muses, is vastly overrated, and he prepares for the coming storm.

Muse: Leto II
Fandom: Dune
Word Count: 190
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The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done. -Allard Lowenstein

Leto II's rise to power was not uncontested, as later annals have recorded. Multiple attempts to assassinate the boy emperor before his complete transformation into Shai-Halud were faithfully recorded by Harq al'Ada, the former Farad'n Corrino. Always, the Empress Gahnima tended to her wounded brother when these attempts proved closest to successful. – Duncan Idaho Ghola

One such occasion )

Muse: Leto II
Fandom: Dune
Word Count: 230
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