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Follow your heart and see where it might take you
Don't let the world outside there break you
They know not who you are inside
They have never felt your hell
Don't ever let them crack...
Your shell...
"Follow" – Brandi Carlisle

Leto settled his still growing bulk beside the bed of the only woman he had ever loved with all he possessed. His eyes flicked irritably over the Suk in the room, and they were left alone in the next moment.

"It is a peaceful death," Ghanima said softly. "Not like my Farad'n, intercepting the seeker with its poisons."

"Farad'n died more bravely than any of the Corrino ever had," Leto acknowledged. "Ghani, what am I to do?"

The old, quiet woman lying there in the bed managed a soft smile. "You will do as you always have. But Leto, you must promise me this." When she could feel his eyes were fully on her face, she spoke again. "Never be alone for long."

"You are my sole companion," he protested.

"I go to the desert for the last time, soon. And I have ordered one last gift for you. When the Tlielaxu bring the gift, keep it close, and precious, my brother, my emperor."

"None but you can ever know me."

"Perhaps. But perhaps not." She closed her unseeing eyes, hand moving toward his, and he took it, well aware that the tears he wished he could shed would only be absorbed.

It was a long hour before he withdrew and ordered his sister's water to be taken for one of the gardens that was protected within the palace.

Fandom: Dune
Muse: Leto Atreides II
Word Count: 229
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