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"Cold. Callous. Unfeeling monster." The large creature that was part man, part sandworm, and all power moved back and forth around his audience. "From the time of my aunt's death, I've heard these things, and more, with vitriol and passion. They are all correct, and yet absolutely incorrect at once." His listener made a small noise of non-understanding in turn.

"How, you ask of me, Duncan?" The hybrid came to a stop finally to match eyes with the ghola.

"I will answer you, as you have earned that much from me this time." Leto Atreides looked somewhere distant, or maybe within, and began to give the reasoning. "I must be all those things, to see mankind through the coming storm. No prescience should ever enslave Mankind, yet it came to this. Once I am done...we will be a stronger species, able to endure what comes after me. I could not remain sane without locking it all away." He looked at his audience again. "But it is there, Duncan. I will grieve soon. For you. It may be some decades before I trust myself enough to enlist the aid of a new ghola, knowing as ever that the loyalty of Duncan Idaho to House Atreides will cause your new self to rebel again."

A soft, choking noise could be heard in the silence that fell on those words, before a long sigh escaped the God-Emperor of Dune. "And so the trial continues..." he murmured as the ghola finished expiring from the massive blood loss. As so many other times before, he regretted not being able to shed tears in mourning, even as he called for the body to be dealt with.


atreides_lion: A clear picture of the sand trout on Leto's skin as he changes (Default)

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