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The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done. -Allard Lowenstein

Leto II's rise to power was not uncontested, as later annals have recorded. Multiple attempts to assassinate the boy emperor before his complete transformation into Shai-Halud were faithfully recorded by Harq al'Ada, the former Farad'n Corrino. Always, the Empress Gahnima tended to her wounded brother when these attempts proved closest to successful. – Duncan Idaho Ghola

Ghanima was no more impressed with her brother than she had been with his Fremen loyalists. That Leto continually smiled as she bound his wounds did nothing to ease her mood. She jerked the bandages almost savagely, relying on old fashioned linen to bind the cuts, since Leto's sandworm nature rejected medicines.

"Why do you let them get so far?!" she finally demanded when he would not give her the satisfaction of hissing at her rough treatment.

Leto regarded her with a faint look of pity, which infuriated his sister even further. "Ghani...the more they try, the more I bleed, the more they will come to see it is hopeless. I will not die until it is time. But they must come to understand that."

Ghani looked at him with a stubborn set to her jaw. "There must be a better way, my brother."

"You can see as clearly as I; why do you deny my wisdom?" he asked her, as his hand reached out, stroking her hair back from her face.

Muse: Leto II
Fandom: Dune
Word Count: 230
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