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Live forever or die in the attempt. -Joseph Heller

It was the day of a new Duncan ghola arriving. The moment of the cusp of all Leto had striven for was close at hand. His prescience had brought Rakis to ruin, stagnated the human empire, seen the end of the Sardaukar and the Fremen as a power to be feared, and left a nurturing army of Fish Speakers in its wake.

This Duncan will be the key, Leto knows. In this Duncan, in the one called Siona Atreides, the Golden Path will finally reach the point that needed to happen, the preparation for Humanity's final trials. That stage is still centuries forward of this point, but Leto knows it begins today. His father sees it as well, submerged with in Other Memory, and closes his eyes to what it will mean.

Death, for Leto, is no more than a step forward, a step into the oblivion of dreamless sleep, for Leto can never die.

Immortality, the God Emperor of Dune wryly muses, is vastly overrated, and he prepares for the coming storm.

Muse: Leto II
Fandom: Dune
Word Count: 190
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