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Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. -Ambrose Bierce

Never had a planet more fully lived up to the statement made by Ambrose Bierce than Ix. A marvelous world throughout its history, viewed with suspicion by those who adhered more faithfully to the Butlerian principles, and absolutely necessary to the matter what Elrood had believed...but mired in the milieu of bureaucracy.

I've manipulated it for my own purposes, giving them outlets for specific machinery, making them build and concentrate more firmly in the designs I wish. I could not let them rise higher than they had, in the aftermath of House Vernius retaking the planet from the Tlielaxu. My prescience, like father's, had indicated they were a prime threat to humanity. Perhaps because they were one of the Synchronized worlds, or because they might rebuild pieces of the Machine Empire unwittingly, they had to be diverted.

I made sure their tendency to bureaucracy was well-entrenched, so that nothing could proceed to dangerous levels, as some committee or other would kill truly great research. This researcher, that developer will always shout out against the others around them from rising too high, all to follow the political form...and meet their own agenda.

Leto Atreides II
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